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K&M Concrete can add decorative stamped concrete as an attractive and economical alternative to natural paving materials or plain poured concrete. With K&M Concrete Stamping your home or business can achieve many different looks, giving your property the just the right look easily with concrete stamping.


When it comes to Residential Concrete Stamping, K&M Concrete highly recommends using concrete stamping to improve the visual characteristics of otherwise bland concrete. Concrete Stamping can be used in the front, side or rear of any home or anywhere a walkway is desired.

Concrete stamping not only improves how a walkway looks but can also make it safer on walkways with an incline. The pattern can be horizontal and increase the traction for walking up hill or down with concrete stamping making your walkways safer as well as great looking.


When it comes to large scale Commercial Concrete Stamping projects, you are going to want K&M Concrete to lay the ground work, literally. Commercial Concrete Stamping needs great planning and attention to detail as well as engineering. Call K&M Concrete, or you could be left with cracked concrete stamping that will need to be redone.

K&M Concrete can plan, engineer and install large scale Commercial Concrete Stamping walkways for businesses, park districts, forest preserves, zoos and more, giving you the piece of mind you want. For all Commercial Concrete Stamping projects, call K&M Concrete for great looking, long lasting concrete stamping walkways.

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