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Colors & Patterns

Concrete Colors & Patterns

K&M Concrete offers many different patterns and colors. For more information, you can visit one of our suppliers at www.butterfieldcolor.com. We guarantee quality work in a timely manner. From patios to driveways to walkways, every job is unique. Quality work is done in a timely manner and cleaned up thoroughly when the project is complete.


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“ATTENTION! The color chart below is to demonstrate range of colors available and are not to be used to select colors based on how they are viewed on a computer display.”

Uni-Mix® Colors

  • Sonoran Tan
  • Autumn Oak
  • Sunset Beige
  • Millstone
  • Pewter
  • Coral Buff
  • Harvest Wheat
  • Gull Gray
  • Smoke
  • Sandstone
  • Georgia Clay
  • Santa-Fe Buff
  • Lanon Stone
  • Mocha Brown
  • Charcoal
  • Soapstone
  • Weathered Terra Cotta
  • Hampshire Red
  • Brick Red
  • Shadow Slate
  • Sienna
  • Deep Charcoal
  • Clary Sage


The antiquing release is dusted over the surface of freshly colored concrete flatwork before using a pattern-stamping tool. The release agent prevents the tool from sticking to newly colored, freshly stamped concrete. As the tool is pulled from the concrete, the colored release powder is layered into the textured surfaces of the concrete. Upon washing and sealing, the difference in color between the underlying concrete and the release creates a visually attractive, antiqued look to the concrete. The added color gives the appearance of depth.

The amount of release agent imparted will vary with job site conditions. The final results will range between color of base concrete to that of the antiquing release, usually landing somewhere in between. Since the antiquing release is mechanically, not chemically bonded, the surface must be sealed and maintained to preserve its antiqued appearance over time.

  • Gray Plum
  • Storm Gray
  • Deep Charcoal
  • Walnut
  • Brick Red
  • Russet
  • Area Buff
  • Smoke
  • French Cream
  • Cape Gray
  • Wheat
  • Bone


  • Old Chicago Soldier Course

  • Old Chicago Running Bond Brick

  • Old Chicago Herringbone Brick

  • Octagon Stone
  • New Brick Soldier Course Stacked

  • New Brick Soldier Course

  • New Brick Sailo Course

  • New Brick Running Bond

  • New Brick Herringbone

  • New Brick Basket Weave

  • Mayan Cobblestone Circle

  • Mayan Cobblestone

  • Majestic Ashlar

  • Large Stone Fan

  • Large Brick Soldier Course

  • Jumbo Brick Running Bond

  • Italian Slate Texture

  • Heavy Stone Textur

  • Hadley Creek Shale Texture

  • Granite Herringbone
  • Gilpins Falls Bridge Plank
  • Gilpins Falls Bridge Plank

  • Garden Path

  • Fox Valley Flagstone

  • Fieldstone

  • English Rivenstone

  • Dublin Cobble

  • Diamond Tile

  • Cottage Slate

  • Colorado Flag

  • Cobblestone

  • Coarse Stone Texture

  • Chiseled Slate Texture

  • Brook Stone

  • Bluestone Texture

  • Baltic Cobblestone

  • Ashlar Slate

  • Appalachian Flagstone

  • Alpine Broadstone
  • 96in Windrose One Quarter Circle

  • 48in Windrose

  • 48in Compass Rose

  • 24in x 24in Bluestone

  • 18in x 36in Bluestone

  • 18in x 36in Bluestone

  • 12in x 12in Slate

  • 12in Wood Plank

  • 8in Tumbled Edge Stone

  • 6in x 6in Slate

  • 6in Wood Plank

  • 6in Wood Plank

  • 6in Wood Plank

  • 4in x 4in Granite Set
  • 4in x 4in Granite Border 3 Row
  • 4in x 4in Granite Border 2 Row
  • 4in Tumbled Edge Stone Border

  • 3ft x 3ft Slate

  • 5in Hardwood Planks

  • York Bluestone

  • Wood Paver Running Bond

  • Wood Paver Cobble

  • Wood Paver Ashlar

  • Wood Paver Ashlar

  • Verona Cobblestone

  • Tetr -Stone

  • Roman Rope

  • Rock Salt Texture

  • River Bottom Texture

  • Quartzite Strata Texture

  • Pennsylvania Avenue Soldier Course
  • Pennsylvania Avenue Herringbone Brick
  • Pennsylvania Avenue Brick Running Bond

  • Pebblewood

  • Oxford Slate Texture

  • Orchard Stone

  • Grated Rock Salt Texture

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